run away with me: I'm so sorry guys...


But I will no longer be watching Downton Abbey

I know I’m a multi-fandom blog but when Downton airs you can never tell. Most of you followed me for Downton and the Bransons so I’m sorry to say that you might not see much of it for a while (except angry text posts)

I can’t even bear to look at my S1 dvds, so the gif making is suspended too.

I’ll be putting downtonstills on an indefinite hiatus

and I won’t be hosting the chat or posting streaming links ondowntonrewatch either

I’m so sorry if this lets some of you down but I feel horribly betrayed by Fellowes and completely miserable about what happened

I can’t think about it anymore

so yeah… I feel a little empty inside. I mean it was my main fandom and I can’t even bear to watch it anymore.

This is a sad day for us all.

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asked: I'm sorry. I only got Bransons stuff to request. How about some Edith? And is Isis possible? ;P

I’ve done some Edith for you from the last episode :)

asked: can you do picture of albert? :)

alfred? just posted! :) I’ll do some more of the new episode!

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asked: Anything Carson. I love that man so much.

posted one and a couple more in queue for you!